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I'm a 9th grader interested in photography with okay grades. How do I get into college?

QUESTION: I'm only a 9th grader but I’m already thinking about how to get into college. I am really into photography and will probably want to major in it. I’m worried that my grades aren't that great right now (3.0), and I don’t want this to hurt my chances of getting accepted. What should I do? –Future Photographer

Dear Future Photographer: Colleges use grades as an indication of how well you will do academically. Our first piece of advice is to put more emphasis on your grades. You don’t need a 4.0. Just make sure that you are trying your best to do well in class. Colleges also look carefully at activities including your interest in photography. Show them that you are not just an amateur photographer with a point and shoot camera but that you take this hobby very seriously. How can you do this? First, consider taking some photography classes at a community college or adult education center. Next, think about getting some of your photos published. How about putting on an exhibition at school or at a community center? Start a photography club or journal at school. Surely there are other students who enjoy photography. Why not start a magazine to publish student photos? You could do it online for free. These are just some ideas, but we think you get the point. Remember focus on your schoolwork, but also make photography more than just a hobby.

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