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How can I decide on which career path to take?

QUESTION: Until recently, I have always wanted to be a horse trainer or riding instructor, but I began to have doubts about whether I will make enough money starting up my own business. I've been directed to other careers such as becoming a journalist, graphic artist or jewelry maker. I've been told that I'm talented in all of these areas. It's my last year in high school and it's driving me nuts that I don't have my mind set on one career. I want to do them all. Do you have any advice about how I can decide? Signed, Dazed and Confused Senior

Dear Dazed and Confused Senior: There are some students who know what they want to be practically from birth. And there are some students who still don't know what they want to be after graduating from college. While it would be nice to have your future determined, it's not unusual to have questions about your profession as a high school student or even a college student or graduate.

To help determine which field is best for you, speak with those who work in the fields now. Ask how they got their start, the future they see for the industry and advice they have for you. To get hands on experience, look for internship opportunities. You will see first hand what it is like to work in the field. Often this is what it takes for you to discover if it is your true passion.

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