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What should I do to work in hotel management or tourism?

QUESTION: I'm interested in hotel management and tourism studies. Other than the few specialized colleges for hotel administration, what degrees or majors can I pursue? Signed, Future Manager

Dear Future Manager: A career in hotel management or tourism will virtually guarantee that no two days will be alike. Majoring in an area such as hotel administration, hotel management, hospitality or hospitality management will prepare you for the challenges in these fields and probably make it easier to access internship and job opportunities. However, studying a general field like business or management can also equip you with the analytical and personal skills needed in these fields.

To learn more, the International Council On Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education publishes a magazine dedicated to high school and college students who want to work these fields. They also publish the book, "A Guide to College Programs in Hospitality and Tourism." Visit the organization's Web site at The Florida International University School of Hospitality Management also offers job listings and tips for job hunting on its Web site at

And, because you may need financial help for whichever degree you pursue, the National Tourism Foundation offers scholarships for students who want to enter careers in travel and tourism. Find out more at

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