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Is it bad to be too focused on a single sport?

QUESTION: As a sophomore in high school, I have a 4.0 GPA and also have participated in sports. However, I have been focusing on only one sport during the season. Should I consider not participating in this one sport as much and becoming more involved with other extracurricular activities and sports? Signed, Too Focused

Dear Too Focused: One of the biggest criticisms of politicians is that they tell their constituents what they want to hear. A lot of students unwittingly assume this role when applying to colleges. They attempt to do what they think the colleges want them to do.

The answer to your question lies in another question: Which extracurricular activities do you enjoy doing? If your passion is for this single sport, then pour your heart into it. (That is, after you pour your heart into your homework, too.) If you are not fulfilled by participating in only one sport, then try another or experiment with other activities that fit your interests.

If you do what you truly enjoy, you will excel. Colleges will see your contributions and reward you for them. Don't try to second-guess what the colleges what you to do. The reality is that they want you to do what you want to do.

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