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How much do people earn depending on their major?

QUESTION: I am thinking about college majors. Do you know where I can get information on job descriptions and earnings by college major? Signed, Major Decision

Dear Major Decision: If earning potential is one of your priorities, national statistics suggest that you lean toward the computer sciences and away from areas like history, English and psychology. There are a number of Web sites that can provide tools to convert your major to typical career paths, get salary information Berkeley Career Center or find statistics on salaries by college degree

As you view this information, remember that statistics don't reflect everything. The dollar amount on your paycheck does not have a direct correlation to your happiness. Also, entering a career does not always require that you have a specific major. Remember too that what you think you want to do now may change, and even after you have started working, it may change again. These tools will give you information that will be helpful in making important decisions about your future, but your major does not determine the rest of your life. For long-term happiness and satisfaction, we recommend that you select the major that you most enjoy, not with the highest earning potential.

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