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How to Choose a Creative College
By: Elaina Loveland

If you want to major in the arts and earn a degree in art, drama, dance, music, or creative writing, it might take some research to find the right program for you. Unlike degrees that are offered at nearly every college and university (think history or biology), creative programs often vary greatly by institution. Here are 10 things you need to know to narrow down your search.

How much time do you want to spend pursuing your passion?

If you want to live and breathe your creative area of interest 80% of the time, you’ll be most interested in BFA programs. If you’d rather spend less time than that practicing your art but still want to major in it and leave room for electives that interest you and perhaps do a double major or have a minor outside of your creative field, consider BA or BS programs instead.

Is an audition, art portfolio, or creative writing portfolio required for admission?

Many of the most competitive programs in the arts have an arts-based requirement like an audition, art portfolio, or creative writing portfolio for admission to the program. You will need to investigate the programs you are interested in to find out their requirements. It’s important to follow guidelines carefully because each school has different requirements.

How much can you perform, exhibit art, or publish?

Take the time to find out exactly what kinds of performing, exhibiting, or publishing opportunities are available to you in each program you are considering. Find out if you can participate fully in these opportunities during your freshman year or if you have to wait until you are an upperclassman. Learn how many opportunities there are per semester and if there are any opportunities off-campus that could bolster your résumé.

About the Author

Elaina Loveland
Elaina Loveland is a writer, editor, dancer, and teacher. She is the author of Creative Colleges and Creative Careers.

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