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Topic: Admissions

What are the best extracurricular activities?
What are the best extracurricular activities to do during high school? I've heard that there are certain activities that colleges look for. For example, I've heard that in order to... more
I have been out of high school for a year. Will that hurt me?
I have been out of school for a year trying to get things in my life back on track. I really want to go to college, but it just keeps getting harder and harder. I would like to kno... more
What should I do if my counselor is unhelpful?
Everyone tells me that I should talk to my high school counselor before I am a senior. The problem is that the counselors at my school aren't very helpful. I have learned from talk... more
Will your books help with transferring?
I am considering transferring into some highly selective schools. I have applied to these schools this year and have been denied, except for one school in which I am on the waiting... more
Does it help to submit work I've done outside of school to colleges?
When it comes to getting into college, will it help me to submit work to colleges I have done outside of school? I have written poetry since I was young and have a few poems that I... more
How do I show the colleges I am mature enough to return to school?
I am a married 37-year-old mother of three, currently auditing a university class as a special student and am applying as a transfer student for the fall. Here is my dilemma. I ha... more
I have some questions about essay etiquette.
I have just finished typing my personal statement for my admission applications and scholarships. I want to know if I should double space or single space it? Do I address it to "Si... more
What questions should I ask during the interview?
During any interview in life, there is always a time when the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions?" I always think of the good questions afterward. I'm planning on applyin... more
Do colleges look at other things besides grades and SAT scores?
Whenever I hear about college, all I hear is how important grades and SAT scores are. Do colleges make their decisions by looking at other aspects of our lives as well? What else c... more
Should I take easier classes and get higher grades or more difficult ones and get lower grades?
I'm trying to pick my schedule of classes and want to know if it's better to take harder classes and get lower grades or take easier classes and get higher grades? Signed, Grade Go... more

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